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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  April 7, 2010 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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the evening. before we begin i will ask you to please turn off your phones as a courtesy to our speaker and audiences at home and to your fellow listeners tonight. my name is hy-vee and on behalf of the board and members of the world affairs council washington d.c. i welcome you here this evening. we're pleased to host simon johnson who with his co-author james claque has published a book "13 bankers: the wall street takeover and the next financial meltdown". the world affairs council brings to these events offers, diplomats, journalists, academics, government officials and, yes, sometimes even bankers to discuss with their audiences the main international issues of the time. over the course of the last two years we come back again and again to what is now being referred to as the great recession and to the financial crisis that led to it and have
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heard from and will continue to present speakers who will help us understand what happened and why and what the implications and indications are for america's position in the world as a result for u.s. relations with others one can think obviously of a u.s.-china relations year. and implications for america's long-term capabilities to protect power and influence and global that. of the world of ours council other upcoming programs this month include fred pierce, next tuesday evening he will be speaking about his new book, the coming population crashed and our planet surprising future, and on april 27th we will host paul collier for a look in his new book, the plundered planet published by oxford university press. i hope you'll be able to join as for those two events as well. tonight we host professor simon johnson. he is ronald curt professor of


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